Friends and Comrades

Hello curious DSA members!

I have been working overtime to find and reach out to like minded Friends and Comrades running for National Political Committee. Over the last few weeks I have worked with and felt out all of these dedicated DSA activists. We have all decided to endorse each other and hope you will consider each of us as individuals but also see the common threads that connect us and our work. Major points of agreement include:

  1. Emphasizing the multi-tenancy nature of DSA
  2. Maintaining the administrative role of NPC
  3. Preserving the autonomy of local chapters
  4. Working to help facilitate your local organizing work
  5. Tying local struggles into national campaigns
  6. Ensuring local chapters are able to access dues funds through a dues split and a grant process
Alexandra Dudley (North Bay/San Francisco LSC):


Brandon Payton Carrillo (Chicago LSC):


Dan Pozzie (Providence):

Delé Balogun (Independent Chicago Left Caucus):

Jack L. Suria-Linares (LA Unaffiliated):


Jetta Rae Robertson (Oakland LSC):


Alexander Kolokotronis (Connecticut LSC):


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